Power Rankings

AES Power Rankings Explained

Where do you stand?

No more guessing. No more what-ifs. No more complicated seedings or math. Finally, a comprehensive youth volleyball ranking system that’s definitive, easy to use and reaches nationwide. Welcome to AES Power Rankings.

What is It?

From the leaders in youth volleyball tournament organization, management and scoring, AES Power Rankings is the premier seeding and ranking solution offering unsurpassed accuracy and simplicity. Incorporating years of pristine data collected over hundreds of tournaments from coast to coast, this advanced system uses algorithms specifically optimized for volleyball to objectively rank teams by several variables. You now have at your fingertips one of the strongest national and regional ranking systems available for any club sport being played today.

  • Youth volleyball’s best, richest and most respected ranking platform
  • One source for all rankings
  • From AES – the leader in youth volleyball tournament management, registration, scheduling and scoring

Benefits to Associations, Teams, Coaches, Parents and Players

That team is better than that team. But didn’t that team beat that other team? And what about that one team? Stop guessing which team is better in your league, region or the entire nation. AES Power Rankings is the definitive source for seeing how teams stand against the competition – even teams that have never played each other.

  • Easily see and track how you stand compared to teams everywhere – online
  • Find and enter tournaments with the best teams in your region, age group or the nation
  • Eliminate the guessing of who’s team is better
  • Share your team’s or club’s success with friends, family and media members

How it Works

Using cutting-edge computational methods, AES Power Rankings leverages years of historical rankings and actual tournament results to deliver the most objective and accurate rankings in youth volleyball.

  • Incorporates match results directly from AES Scheduling Software and, optionally, from results submitted by club, tournament and regional directors
  • Accounts for scores/margins of victory as well as wins to provide a more accurate evaluation and ranking of teams
  • Provides accurate rankings even for teams in smaller clubs without the reputations of the bigger clubs


Why should I use AES Power Rankings?

The true objective of ranking teams is to ensure fair, accurate tournament seedings for all teams. If you are a good team that plays for a lesser-known club – but you have the match results to back up your success – AES Power Rankings ensures you no longer have to worry about getting passed over by teams from other clubs with stronger reputations. Now your results and performance speak for themselves.

Why is Power Rankings better than current ranking system?

Currently, the ranking and seeding system is manual. Meaning a list of teams is passed around and tournament directors spend hours trying to draw comparisons of one team over another all while taking results against a third, fourth, and fifth team into account. And when you add 30, 40 or even 50 teams to the mix, there’s only enough hours and manpower to properly seed the top quarter of the field – and every other team is “thrown in” where they seem to fit best.

How can a team be ranked higher than me Regionally but lower than me Nationally?

The regional rankings only include matches with other teams in the region. The national rankings include all matches and all teams in the respective age group. The fact these teams are ranked higher regionally suggests they are performing better within the region but when it comes to playing teams outside the region they aren’t. The decision was made to only include regional matches in the regional rankings because, honestly, when judged against other teams in the region, those should be the only matches the that matter.

With AES Power Rankings, tournament directors can now have the best possible rankings in a matter of minutes rather than days – all with the push of a button.

How does AES Power Rankings receive data?

If you had the best Web site in the world, but no one knew about you – no one would visit. The same is true with our system. The better information we get, the more accurate and inclusive our rankings. That’s why it’s so important for club tournament and regional directors to provide accurate, detailed and complete results.

Our ranking algorithm obtains match data from two sources.

  • Directly from matches played and entered through AES’ Scheduling Software
  • Matches entered manually by club, regional and tournament directors

Obviously, category 1 data is guaranteed to be the most accurate. These matches will have both the win/loss outcome and a verified score of the match. For this reason, we encourage using AES Scheduling Software for all of your volleyball events.

However, we realize a large portion of the matches may fall in category 2. And without benefit of the AES engine behind them, these matches might or might not have scores, might have inaccurate opponent information and/or might have other incorrect information (such as date played). For this reason, we provide tournament directors the option to use or ignore these matches when determining tournament seeding.

When are the AES Power Rankings updated?

Our ranking engine pulls data each Tuesday morning during the season (before 4am EST), and the results are usually posted online the same day by 12pm EST.

Why does Power Rankings use scores in determining rankings?

Here’s an example that might help explain it. Imagine if when looking at the stock market you could only tell if a stock moved up or down. But you didn’t know by how many points. That would certainly influence your decision whether to keep, buy, or sell the stock.

Now apply that to sports. Certainly the number of wins is a critical stat, but what if one team won all their games by one point, and another by 20 points? It would reason that the latter team should get credit for larger wins. The margin of victory provides a further level of insight to teams’ success, skill level and, therefore, ranking.

How do AES Scheduling and Power Rankings work together?

Matches played within the AES system are guaranteed to be used for seeding purposes by tournament directors. Manually imported matches might or might not be used by tournament directors in the dynamic ranking piece. To get most value from AES, it’s best to use both Scheduling and Power Rankings solutions.

How do you determine the # of matches a team plays in the rankings display vs # of matches played when you click on a team and look at their match history?

Example: Tejas 17 Nfinity. It looks like the ranking program is only bringing in 9 matches whereas the match history shows 25! What is the difference? We only use matches with scores for the rankings. If the matches do not have scores, they are not used. Also, if there is conflicting match information (such as who won the match or different scores entered by clubs/teams), it is throws away. We encourage you to enter results into aes with scores from the teams page.

Additional answers to help troubleshoot a discrepancy.

Why is my Club or Team not listed in the Power Rankings?

A club or team not listed in the rankings usually occurs when there is no data available when the rankings engine pulled the dataon Tuesday morning. If your data has since been updated, then it will display upon the next scheduled update.

Why are my event results not showing in my Rankings event history?

Only events which use AES’ registration will display in the event history. The display of results for these events is managed by the finalization of the event by the event staff. If the event has passed, and the results are still not displayed; then it is likely the schedule has not been finalized

Why don’t my total Wins/Losses match up to my event history?

There are several situations that currently exist. AES has added a new report which provides the club staff with details regarding what results were used in generating the Power Rankings. This report can be found under the ‘Results’ tool while logged in as a club director or staff with permissions.

Common situations can be, but are not limited to…

Results show in my event history, but are not being included in my ranking record.

It is likely the event staff did not finalize the event results in time for them to be included in the recent Power Rankings. You will need to wait until the next Rankings update for the results to be included in your ranking record.

Results were entered by an opponent.

a) An opponent may have reported a result that your team has not yet entered.

b) An opponent may have entered a different event date than your team has entered.

*Corrections can be made by Club/Team for manually entered results. If the error was entered by another Club/Team, then please reach out to them directly.