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The Arizona Power League accepts both JVA and AAU Backgrounds for coaches and club staff members including but not limited to chaperones and any adult involved in youth volleyball.

The JVA partners with the National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI) to process our member background screens, and we work with Abuse Prevention Systems (APS) to process our Abuse Prevention Training Courses. Every APL member and all adults listed on rosters at APL | JVA insured events must complete the NCSI Background Screening and APS Training. *

The Arizona Power League (APL) will not allow any individual who refuses to consent to a background screen to participate in any APL activities. All Junior Clubs will immediately remove any individual that receives a negative background screening report.

*APL will recognize and accept AAU and USAV Screens and Safe Sport Certification.

JVA Background Screening Process

JVA Safety Education Categories

The cost of the screening + APS training is $38. Payment is made online within SportsEngine upon completing the screening/APS application. All screens through NCSI will be good for two calendar years.  All APS certificates will be good for two calendar years as well.

It is imperative that applicants use their full legal name (as stated on a valid driver’s license, passport or non-driver state ID) and correct date of birth. 

Once an application is completed, in about ten days, the applicant is notified when a determination is made letting them know their background screen has been completed.

AAU Background Screening Process

Mandatory Background Screening

Welcome to the AAU’s web page for multi-year members.

The AAU has now implemented mandatory background screening for all of its non-athlete members and adult athlete members. If you are currently a multi-year member (have a 2 or 3 year membership) in one of these categories, you must complete the Disclosure and Consent form for the background screen.  Your future membership(s) will be pending until such time as this is completed and  you receive notification that your membership is re-activated.

In order to login you will need your Membership ID and the zip code used on the address of your membership.

ONLY the person who is named on the membership may complete the Disclosure and Consent!

The application screening process will impact each adult athlete/non-athlete applicant. Adult members will be screened yearly when applying for a membership as part of the membership process. Applications will not be approved instantaneously, and applicants must consent to a background screening. Each adult/non-athlete applicant must complete his/her own application. Depending on the results, the applicant may be required to submit additional information Projected turnaround time could be 5-10 business days. You will not be able to participate in any AAU practices or authorized events until you have received your membership. Youth Athlete memberships will process instantly.